Saturday, November 3, 2012

First November Post

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Good morning fellow readers,

Does it feel like November arrived too soon? 
To me, I don't remember October; all I remember is a lot of rain and chilly weather. For that, we have hurricane Sandy to thank. So, thank you hurricane Sandy for the cold and rainy weather you have brought us. Thank you hurricane Sandy for the strong winds you brought upon the Eastern part of the United States. Sandy, thank you for a rainy Halloween; it was cold and boring and I had to work through the whole night. I would like to thank hurricane Sandy again for bringing destruction to many homes in the Caribbean as well as the U.S. Thank you for destroying homes and families and dream homes that cost people's entire life savings to obtain. Sandy, thank you for the power outages and broken umbrellas; thank you for wet shoes and pants and socks; thank you for missed buses and delayed transit service. Sandy the following I would like to thank you in the MOST sarcastic way possible: thank you Sandy, for the death of innocent people in Haiti, U.S and my hometown, Toronto. Thanks Sandy, you ruined many people's lives... 
The previous paragraph was written in a very sarcastic manner. I apologize if you were not able to tell from the start. 
Moving on, this blog is about the books I am interested in, the books I have read, reading and plan to read. I finished reading Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by Tom Robbins. Excellent read, of course, Tom Robbins in one of my favourite authors. Robbins humour is out of the ordinary; he explains things and situations the way I would have never imagined and yet they make perfect sense. His characters are also out of the ordinary, every character has something bizarre about them or something quirky but inspirational to say, like clocks for example: “A book no more contains reality than a clock contains time. A book may measure so-called reality as a clock measures so-called time; a book may create an illusion of reality as a clock creates an illusion of time; a book may be real, just as a clock is real (both more real, perhaps, than those ideas to which they allude); but let's not kid ourselves - all a clock contains is wheels and springs and all a book contains is sentences.” - Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.
Tom Robbins - Another Roadside AttractionI also finished reading another book by Robbins titled "Another Roadside Attraction". If you thought the previous quote was a bit strange, you will probably have no idea what this was book is about. I think "Another Roadside Attraction" was probably one of the most eccentric books I've read so far by Robbins. A few of the pages I had to re-read to actually get what he was talking about. Again, he did not fail to make me laugh throughout the whole book. Fantastic book, if you think Jesus is a myth, this book is a must-read! haha!

Currently Reading:

Tom Robbins - Skinny Legs and AllSkinny Legs and All (1990)
By Tom Robbins

I have just started reading another amazing book by Robbins. I think this is the last book I own of him, but I am also missing one or two to complete my collection. Anyway, so far this book is about Ellen Cherry Charles and her new husband on their way to the Big Apple-New York-  so Ellen Cherry can become a famous painter. Also, she is compared by her father and her priest-uncle to Jezebel, a biblical figure that wore make-up and so called a prostitute. Ellen Cherry did not know who Jezebel was until she asked her loving mother, who disagrees with every ridiculous and religious ideas her brother-in-law mentions. Ellen Cherry's father disagrees with her idea to move to New York to seek freedom as a painter, as does her new, loving husband. I am not too far in the book but I can only guess where this story is going, although, knowing Robbins, it will most likely not go the way I think it may go.

I am way too busy with school, work and volunteering (and helping family move as well as myself!) to finish my books in a week. Oh, you noticed! Why, yes, I am in school at the moment and I am loving every minute of it! But... I have something to do every day and I can't find a day to just rest and relax. I enjoy having something to do every day, but every person-even workaholics-need a day of rest. Go Humber Hawks! ... ah, no, not into sports.

Keep calm and read on.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Update, sorry it has been a while.

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Hello fellow readers.

Unfortunately, I have taken a short hiatus from blogging, but to tell you the truth, I have missed it. 
First of all, Summer is almost over, we have August left and then the real fun begins! I mean... school begins. 

Two GravesSecond, I have finished all the Pendergast books, the last one titled Two Graves - Part Three of the Helen Trilogy comes out December 2012. I cannot wait to see the final Helen book... final?  Perhaps.

I'm sorry to say that Cold Vengeance - Part Two of the Helen trilogy was not the greatest of all, but still left me wanting more, as always. After reading all of the Pendergast series I started reading Gideon's Sword, also by Preston and Child. Gideon's father is brutally killed right in front of his eyes when he was a young boy, his father had kidnapped associates inside his government building and was surrounded by police. Twenty years later on his mother's death bed she reveals to him that his father was wrongly framed and murdered for trying to let the truth out. Eventually he finds the man that accused his father of the doings and kills him. No spoiler there, the authors get to the point very quickly as Gideon's Sword is not exactly about Gideon gaining revenge but actually about someone in the shadows that watches over him and offers him "the chance of a lifetime". 

If you've been reading my previous reviews, you would know I have barely anything bad to say about these guys. Preston & Child are masters of fiction, and so this book had me glued from the very beginning. Also, pay attention now, if you have read The Ice Limit, also by Preston & Child, then you'll have a magnificent surprise while reading Gideon's Sword, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been a while since I last read this book, and so I am not the best person to give it a full review at this moment. 

While waiting for Two Graves to come out I have been reading Even Cowgirls get the Blues by Tom Robbins. I previously read Still Life with Woodpecker, and I have to say it is one of my favourite books. It was incredibly random, a criminal meets a princess that is no longer a princess in the United States, but they fall in love and then fall apart, point is, back when I first read it I never knew someone could write with such randomness one of the best books I have ever had the privilege to read. 
Here's a few quotes from the book just to give you a quick peak at how wonderful it was:

- "A rabbi's dog could score pork chops in the streets of Tel Aviv easier than Bernard could acquire tequila in King County Jail."

“Society had a crime problem. It hired cops to attack crime. Now society has a cop problem.” 

-"I'll follow him to the ends of the earth," she sobbed. Yes, darling. But the earth doesn't have any ends. Columbus fixed that."

Aside from Even Cowgirls get the Blues I'm in the process of finishing:

-The Anger of Achilles - Homer's Iliad Translated by Robert Graves
-The Count of Eleven by Ramsey Campbell
-The Origin of Species by Nino Ricci

I need some serious help to finish these books, ha!

That's it for now folks!
Have a marvellous long weekend Canada and enjoy the rest of the summer. 
I do not know when I'll be able to update my Blog but hopefully it won't take me long to finish Even Cowgirls get the Blues to write a review.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorry for the delay. Also, Panama Trip Pictures

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Hello again!

So sorry for the delay but I have been busy going to PANAMA!

Alright, besides that I have finished reading all of the Diogenes trilogy, that includes the following:

Brimstone - Part one of the Diogenes Trilogy (2004)
*note: Brimstone "review" or insights can be seen on the post below.*

Dance of Death - Part two of the Diogenes Trilogy (2005)
Book of the Dead - Conclusion of the Diogenes Trilogy (2006)

I have also finished reading:

Wheel of Darkness (2007)
This book tells the story of the famous Agozyen stolen from a monastery in Tibet. The object, once seen, supposedly makes anyone on the face of the earth become a pretty sinister person. Pendergast agrees to find the object and return it to its owners, the question now is... does Pendergast see the Agozyen?

After the WoD I read:

Cemetery Dance (2009)
William Smithback and his wife Nora Kelly are attacked in their apartment by a person that by all means has been dead for weeks and buried. This points to a cult in the deep woods of the forest and their so-called Zombiis practices. Special Agent Pendergast joins the team to search for William Smithback's attacker and ultimately his killer.

Currently Reading:

Fever Dream - Part one of the Helen Trilogy (2010)
"Helen had been mauled by an unusually large and vicious lion while they were big game hunting in Africa. But now, Pendergast learns that her rifle-her only protection from the beast-had been deliberately loaded with blanks. Who could have wanted Helen dead...and why?"

An excerpt from Preston and Child Website.
To read more click here!

I may not sound as enthusiastic as before with my reviews but at the moment all I can think of is Fever Dream (lol) and College and well... the movie I am watching right now. Talk about multitasking! I apologize to my fellow readers, if any, but all I can really say is, as I have said before: Read the Pendergast series! we can arrange a book sharing episode if you don't wish to purchase the books.

Thought I would also share some Panama pictures as well!
My sister and I went to Panama just last week, for a whole week. We came back on Sunday morning and landed at 2 am =( It was great to get out of the city, I'm all for getting out and breathing fresh air, I can't stay put in one place for too long! The beach was rough and dark though, we were located in the Pacific, Cuba beach was muuuuch better of course because it is located in the Atlantic. The people were not as friendly and wherever we went to shop or to visit the Panama Canal it took 2 hours there and back to the Hotel. It wasn't the greatest adventure, but now we know not to go back. Also, and most significantly, it was always cloudy and raining for almost the whole week we were there, but either way, I still got a tan!

This is part of Panama City, I guess you could call it "the ghetto" part of it.

Translation: "The house of fruits and ice cream"

This used to be Old Panama City

A sales man by the beach.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Currently Reading

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Hello fellow readers!

I have finally finished reading the first book of the Diogenes trilogy, Brimstone. I highly recommend this marvelous piece of literature, not only does it make your heart race but it is also so addictive it will make you tear it to pieces once you reach the end... well, that's what I wanted to do! I couldn't wait to read the following book, so I finished it and started Dance of Death two minutes after Brimstone. It is so good you will want to destroy it! Does that make any sense at all? of course not!


Brimstone introduces you somewhat to Diogenes, FBI Agent Pendergast's evil brother. Throughout the book Agent Pendergast and now Southampton Police Officer D'Agosta investigate one of the most gruesome homicides they have ever encountered. This homicide leads people to believe the devil itself is a suspect, while investigating the first killing a second victim is discovered. All victims are filthy rich and all knew each other, one of the clues to the killings that connect them all is the lust for materialistic riches and abandonment of God. A third victim is found but his body is located in Italy, all the bodies are found the same way indicating of spontaneous human combustion (SHC). At the third and last crime scene Pendergast concludes on a real, human suspect, eliminating the devil...

This final clue to the puzzle leads Agent Pendergast and D'Agosta into a dangerous journey in Italy that only one of them could come out alive!


If I didn't have the rest of the books I would be dying to get them any way I could, Brimstone made me want more and made me want it right away!

Currently Reading:

Dance of Death (2005)
by Preston & Child

I am now reading Chapter 4 of Dance of Death and it is starting to get too good to put it down.
If you are in any way interested in reading the Pendergast series but have no way to obtain the books please, by all means, contact me and we can arrange a sharing episode.


~Brimstone on the Preston and Child Official Website ~

~ Dance of Death on the Preston and Child Official Website ~

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Brimstone (novel)

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At last, Brimstone was delivered to my home and I finally have all the Pendergast books in my posessioooon! =)

Currently Reading:

Brimstone (2004)
By Preston & Child

I started reading a non-Pendergast book after I finished Still Life with Crows (The Count of Eleven) and when I received Brimstone in the mail - maybe a week after buying it on Ebay thanks to my sister - I dropped, literally, Mr. Ramsey Campbell's book. Sorry, it will have to wait.

Brimstone starts deliciously with the murder of a well known arrogant prick, the details are "interesting" I guess you could put it, as well as the suspect... the Devil. Agent Pendergast as always is fascinated by strange cases, with him joins in D'Agosta from Relic and Reliquary as well as Hayward. So far, no suspects as far as I can tell, but I am only on page 226 out of 728, so there is a lot in store for those of us reading this book right now! Brimstone is the fifth of the Pendergast series and the first of the Diogenes trilogy.

I few days ago while browsing the web I found a review for Brimstone, the person who wrote the review gave it the thumbs up but also said she felt she was missing parts of the puzzle, of course at the end she divulged Brimstone was the first novel she had read from Preston & Child!
A little advice folks: If you have any interested in the series, please, read the first 4 books in advance, otherwise, you will be missing out.

And now, I will continue reading this exquisiteness...

Happy Family Day!